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Monday, 18 June, 2007

Forza 2 – self promoters dream

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Friday, 15 June, 2007

Addiction isn’t a bad thing

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My addiction for Guitar Hero has grown. ‘Grown’ isn’t the word I should use….I think ‘exploded’ seems to fit the description. I got into this game so much I sold off my PS3, bought a cheap second-hand PS2 and bought Guitar Hero 1 and 2 for it. Almost all of my spare time is taken up playing and all the time I’m not playing is occupied by me thinking about wanting to play it. I’ve just started Hard difficulty on all 3 versions and my left hand feels a mess.

It’s not good and I dread to think what it’ll be like when Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80’s comes out in the Summer.

by the way, you can check out my scores here.

Wednesday, 9 May, 2007

Guitar Hero II – digital crack

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I’m currently typing this post with one hand. No, not because I’m wanking to the latest Vivid Video pr0n…it’s because I’ve worn out the joints in my left hand thanks to the wonderous adictive qualities of Guitar Hero II.
I’ve seen and read about this game since the original Guitar Hero was released on the PS2 back in ’05 and it didn’t really interest me enough to play it. It was not until a few weeks back when I was looking for something other that Gears of War to play on my 360 that I decided to give Guitar Hero II a try. Last Monday I got my copy and ever since my hand a desended deeper into the realms of joint pain I’ve not experienced since the dawn of time. Every moment I’m not playing it I feel like a cocaine addict, counting down every minute until I get my next fix. I don’t know what it is about it, maybe it brings out the part of you that used to do air guitar in front of the mirror when listening to rock music or when you used to use your tennis racket and pretend your Richie Sambora. It’s also the satisfaction of nailing a riff that’s been bugging you for the last few hours. Whatever it is, it’s fucking quality and everyone who enjoys music should pick this up straight away.


By the way, if you do, I suggest visiting a site called Score Hero. It’s a fantastic site with tips and strategies for getting the best out of the game. It’s also got a service for you to input your scores.


As you can see, I’m doing quite well on ‘Easy’ ;), I’ve got ‘Gold’ (100% of notes hit) on all the songs in Career mode.

Saturday, 7 April, 2007

D-I-Y Digital Picture Frame

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Just been putting finishing touches to my D-I-Y Digital Picture Frame. I was browsing around teh intarweb a few months ago and saw a webpage full of people who had made a Digital Picture Frame from an old laptop so I thought I give it a go. I had an old laptop lying around, nothing special…a Celeron 800 with 128MB of RAM, a 5GB Hard Drive and running Windows 98. Pretty usless for anything apart from surfing the web so I decided this would be a perfect candidate.


flash.jpg back.jpg front.jpg

First I had to find a suitable picture viewer and after a bit of searching, I settled with IrfanView which allowed me to customise the slideshow to what I wanted. The only drawback being there are no fancy wipes or fades between pictures.

Once I’d got the software working, I got down to dismantling the laptop. All unnecessary parts were discarded, the screen surround went along with the CDROM, Floppy Drive, Keyboard, Trackpad, Soundcard Battery and all of the case. All that was left was the LCD screen, System Board, the Power Board and the Hard Drive. I also added a PCMCIA Wireless Card so that I could remotely connect to the Picture Frame through VNC and add pictures to the frame over the network.

For the frame, I had a look around Ikea and some frame shops but I couldn’t find one suitable so I decided to get the screen framed professionally. My mates mother-in-law runs a framing stall in our market so I took it to her, cost me 30 quid but it was worth it.

Monday, 2 April, 2007

Playstation 3 – an honest review

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Since the PS3 was launched in the US, I’ve been tempted to get one. Although, I’ve been gaming in high-definition for the last year thanks to the wonderous XBox360 so I didn’t really feel the need to buy one. Plus Sony screwing us Europeans with the ludicrous £425 retail price and the lack of the PS2 chip in our consoles really put me off.

That was until last week when I went up my mates house to sort out his PC. When I got there, he was playing Motorstorm so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. It was a riot, a kind of a cross between Colin McRae Rally and Burnout. I decided to buy one there and then and, lucky for me, all the shops were shut otherwise I would’ve spunked 425 quid on a gimped UK model.

Anyways, to cut a long story short I bought a Hong Kong console for 300 quid (so I could have the hardware backwards compatability that Sony had promised and access to cheap Region A Blu-Ray discs) and picked up a UK copy of Motorstorm. Been using it non-stop over the weekend and here are my impressions.

The Console


Well it’s a heavy beast. Very shiny and a dust magnet. It also feels very well put together and looks pretty. Comparing it to the 360 I think it looks a bit too blingy and I prefer the 360’s understated white look. It’s also a hell of a lot quieter than the 360 but not as silent as some people have made out but boy does it pump out some heat!

The Interface

Having previously owned a PSP I was right at home with the PS3’s interface. It uses the same layout as the PSP’s XMB and it’s pretty straight forward to use. Compared to the 360’s garish dashboard, it looks very slick with it’s muted colours.

The Games

This section is the make or break of any console. It would be a bit unfair to compare the current 360 titles like Gears of War against the PS3’s launch titles so I’m not going to go there. Instead I’m going to give the first impressions of a long term gamer.

Motorstorm – this is the first title I played on a PS3 and made me want to buy one it’s that good. Like I’ve mention previously, it’s a cross between Colin McRae and Burnout and a great laugh online (more on that later). Graphics are very impressive for a launch title, the soundtrack is fantastic (anything with Wolf Mother on it’s soundtrack gets a thumbs up from me) and it’s extremely addictive.
Resistance: Fall of Man – I haven’t played much of this and quite frankly it didn’t impress me that much to make me want to play it. The look of the game is a bit bland and the character models look quite dated. Compared to Call of Duty 2 which I played through on the 360 (twice in fact), RFOM doesn’t even come close. There’s no feeling of atmosphere or danger when there’s a hoard of aliens pounding you with gunfire like in COD2.
Ridge Racer 7 – I owned Riiiidge Raaaaaceer 6 on the 360 and this is pretty much the same game but with a slightly better look. Graphics are a bit brighter and colourful but that’s it really. If you’re a fan of Ridge Racer games and you haven’t owned or played the 360 version, get it.
Tiger Woods 2007 – Identical to the 360 version. ‘Nuff said.
Formula 1 – A big turd. Looks nice but you’d go off your head with boredom. For Formula 1 nerds only.

Online service

This is where the XBox360 shines. I don’t care how much of a Sony fanboy you are, the PSNetwork is nothing compared to XBox Live. Yes, XBox Live costs £40 a year (20 quid if you get the codes from eBay) whereas PSN is free but I think you get what you pay for. The biggest problem with going from Live to PSN is the game intergration with PSN is non-existant. Live has everything available at the touch of a button…message access, game invites, friends lists, player lists……with PSN, to read or send messages you need to quit the game to the XMB. Using PSN over the weekend just felt frustrating and horrible.
Actually playing some games online I found a real good experience. Playing some Motorstorm with 12 people is lag free and a great laugh but this bring another problem with PSN…no unified voice comms. XBox Live’s voice chat is great and works brilliantly. PSN’s on the otherhand seems like a botch job. Not every online games supports it and everyone is using a mish-mash of different bluetooth headsets. My and my mate tried getting it working in Motorstorm and in the end we just gave up.
All in all, f Sony actually invested some time into online gaming to get something that matches XBox Live, I think they’d have a serious competition to Microsofts service. Until then, if online gaming is your thing, get a 360.

Online store

XBox Live Marketplace and Playstation Store are comparable with each other with the only big difference is that Live uses a Points system for purchasing (1000 points cost £8.50) and the PS Store using hard currency. I made my first purchase on Saturday, the game in question was flOw and cost me £3.49. As you can only add money to you account in £5 blocks, I now have £1.51 sitting there doing nothing. Why you can’t just buy things straight off is stupid.

Closing thoughts

The PS3 is nowhere near the all conquering console that Sony leads us to believe. Yes it’s a good looking, well built system with a lot of promise but we’re yet to see anything that the Xbox360 isn’t capable of doing. It’s launched with a pretty dismal collection of games, most of which have been available on the 360 for a while and are no better, the only standout game of the lot is Motorstorm. It’s online network is WAY behind that of Microsofts offering. Once the next wave of games start to show what the PS3 is really made of and if Sony gets is arse into gear over it’s online capabilities, maybe it can hold it’s own in this next-gen war.

Would I recommend one over the XBox360?…at the moment, no. But it’s early days…

Monday, 12 March, 2007

High-Definition binge

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Over the last month, I’ve been on a high-def binge. I’ve thought about buying a bigger TV for ages, upgrading my 5 year old Sony KV32LS60 CRT workhorse to something a bit more aesthetically pleasing. With Plasma and LCD panel prices plummeting, I decided to splash out. Took me a month or two of research to find the perfect TV until I found it, a Toshiba 37WLT68. I originally wanted a Sony 40″ LCD but thought it’d be way to big for my small living room so I settled on a 37″. As Sony don’t do 37″ panels, I went for the Tosh.

The Matrix via XBox360 Media Center streaming over network - 720p
Equipment, left to right:
Top-left shelf: XBox360 HD-DVD Drive (plus my controller and media remote)
Bottom-left shelf: XBox360 (connection: Component outputting 1080p)
Middle shelf: Yamaha RX-V595 amp
Top-right shelf: Toshiba SD-360E upscaling DVD player (connection: HDMI outputting 1080i)
Bottom-right shelf: SkyHD box (connection: HDMI outputting 1080i)

    Some screenshots

Random HD clip via XBox360 Media Center streaming over network - 720p King Kong HD trailer via XBox360 Media Center streaming over network - 720p King Kong HD trailer via XBox360 Media Center streaming over network - 720p Spider-Man 3 HD trailer via XBox360 Media Center streaming over network - 720p Spider-Man 3 HD trailer via XBox360 Media Center streaming over network - 720p
All running through my XBox360 in Media Center, being streamed over the network.

Ugly Betty - Channel 4 via RGB SCART, upscaled by the TV to 1080i Battle Royale - Film 4 via RGB SCART, upscaled by the TV to 1080i Pirates of the Carribean - BBC1 via RGB SCART, upscaled by the TV to 1080i Skins - E4 via RGB SCART, upscaled by the TV to 1080i
All running via RGB SCART through my old Pace v2 Sky+ box (before I upgraded to SkyHD)

Couch potato
Even my cat loves HD

Friday, 25 August, 2006

Tattoos II – Bring The Pain

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Got my second set of tattoos done yesterday. Almost didn’t make it back, work sent me all over the shop yesterday (Evesham, Highworth, Bath and Cardiff if you really want to know) so I left the house at 5.30am so I could be back by 2pm. Arrived back with 15mins to spare 😀

Anyways, here’s my latest:

New Tattoo New Tattoo no. 2

Both are on my left arm, the one on my upper arm is a Maori-style design which I found on t’internet. The one on my lower arm is my girlfriends name ‘Karen’ in Japanese, written in Katakana script designed by Master Japanese Caligrapher Eri Takase. I also had my other tattoo recoloured as parts of it was fading slightly. Walking out of there with all those bandages on I guess I looked like a burns victim.

Thinking about having two more on my back soon, possibly in October.

Saturday, 5 August, 2006

More tattoos

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Finally decided to get some more tattoos done, on my left arm this time. Less than 3 weeks time, I’ll be getting a Maori type design on my upper arm from my shoulder to my elbow and my girlfriends name (Karen) in Japanese in on my inside forearm. Karen is also getting another tattoo even though we’ve spent that last 4 years and £1400 getting her old one removed.

When we come back off of holidays, I’ll get two more done, then that’s my lot 😉

Saturday, 8 July, 2006

the pain!!!

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Finally had my tattoo done yesterday. I’ve been wanting one for years but I’ve never found something I really wanted until recently and I stumbled across the design while browsing through my CD’s a few weeks back:


The pic was taken a few hours after I’d had it done and was throbbing a bit (the treatment cream I bought calmed it down a bit). Some people had said having a tattoo hurts like buggery (although, as I’ve never had a cock up my rear passage, I can’t really comment), other say it doesn’t hurt. They’re all wrong, it’s a whole lot worse. I don’t think I could’ve been in more pain if the tattooist had tied me to the back of his car and dragged me along on my face. The outline was the worst bit, kind of felt like he was carving the shape with a cowboy spur covered in vinegar. Once that was over, the tattoo was ‘filled in’. For this process I thought he applied the ink with an orbital sander as the experience felt like a cross between burning and scraping.

Paying 65 quid for an hours worth of pain. I feel like a politician.

Wednesday, 28 June, 2006


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My XBox360 has been playing up lately giving me ‘dirty disc’ errors all the time. Very frustrating when playing Hitman, especially if I got towards the end of the level. Confirmed the fault today when I finally got round to buying Rockstar’s Table Tennis and the fault happened again. Phoned Microsoft and it’s going back for a repair/replacement so no gaming for me for a while 😦


Tuesday, 27 June, 2006

Lostprophets signing…..

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Not long got back from the signing in Cardiff. Nearly didn’t make it, stupid work made me go to Templecombe in Somerset then up to Gloucester. Thanks to my ‘increased’ speed (I don’t condone speeding in any way blah blah…) I managed to make good time. Called back home at about 2:50pm, got changed and made my way down to Cardiff. Got there about 3:25pm and there was already a crowd gathering outside, lounging about in the lovely afternoon sun. Felt a bit out of place when I got there, the queue was full of young teenagers in dodgy eye-makeup and B.O.

After baking in the sun for almost 2 hours, they finally opened the doors at 5pm. The queue by this time was massive. Having a chat to the security guy just before I went in, he mentioned there would be no photos allowed inside and if I did my camera would be taken from me and smashed up…(!) Something about them only wanting the press to take their photos.

Anyways, got my stuff signed (forgot FakeSoundOfProgress though) and had a bit of a talk with Ian and Jamie so I’m happy 🙂

bigposter.jpg biglib.jpg bigss.jpg
(Click for better view)

Death in the family…

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Had a phone call from my mother earlier, the mouse has died. Poor thing, I was really hoping he’d survive…. 😦


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Having a bit of a snooze last night before the missus came home and I was rudely awoken by one of my cats meeowing quite loudly. Looked at what all the fuss was about and found he’d brought in a mouse. Scarpered into the kitchen to get it off him, when I did I found the mouse in a bad way. It was breathing heavily, shaking like mad and looked like it had a broken back. I didn’t know what to do at this point….I couldn’t bring myself to put it out of its misery and couldn’t put it back outside to die so I just looked at it until the missus came home. Eventually the mouse started to come around and began walking a bit. Its front leg was definitely fucked but it seemed to be able to move about with a bit of a struggle. Owning two cats we don’t really have anywhere to keep it so we put it in a shoebox (Karen even wrote ‘Mickey’s House on the lid…weird cow), left some water and sunflower seeds and left it in the bath and made sure we’d close the door properly.

Checked on it this morning when I got up and it’s still alive. Looks a bit sorry for itself at the moment but it’s eating and shitting OK and seems to be able to move about a bit better. Gonna have to take it up my mothers house for her to look after when we’re not here.


Monday, 26 June, 2006


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Another thing I forgot to add between watching the World Cup and working, finally received my polish Terminator poster. Been after one for aaaages then this little beauty turned up on eBay.

(Click for a better view)

It’s linenbacked too and only cost me 40 quid including shipping!


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Been eating healthily for about 3 weeks now and I haven’t lost any bloody weight! I actually got up off my arse and went to the gym all last week (bought a months pass, 30 quid!), did a bit of cardio on the running machines, bit of weights, 100 sit-ups a session….still 14st 7lbs 😡 Even went for 2 hours on Saturday morning, even though I felt like crap. Suffering for it now though, feels like I’ve pulled a muscle in my chest and back and my hamstrings feel very tight. Gonna lay of the gym until my body fully recovers….

Forgot to add, me and the missus went to TGI Fridays on Saturday for a spot of food and drink and saw Ian Watkins off of Lostprophets. I was really dying to go and have a bit of a chat with him but he was with his girlfriend (I think) so I didn’t want to hassle them. Takes my pathetic celeb-spotting tally up to 4:

Ian Watkins (Lostprophets) – (3 times) Once in the next street, once in the Spar by my house, once in TGI’s
Kelly Jones (Stereophonics) – Buying a TV in Currys near my house
Joe Calzhage (that boxer type) – Driving his Merc (No. plate – BOX 1M) down the A470
Richard Keys (Sky Sports) – Walking back to his car from Old Trafford

Talking of the Lostprophets, got the new album today Liberation Transmission. Been listening to it for a while thanks to teh intarweb (I don’t condone piracy in any way blah blah…) and it’s really grown on me and it’s my favourite album of the three.

Pre-ordered it originally from CDWOW but I then found out they’re doing a signing in Virgin on Tuesday. You needed to buy the album from 9am today to get a wristband to gain access to the signing so I left early and made my way into Cardiff to make sure I was there at 8am. As I was walking down the street I’d noticed they’d opened early(!) and my heart sank. I felt gutted but when I got to the tills I’d noticed they’d still had some left. Got a free poster too, gonna get that signed as well as my other 3 album covers. Post pics and stuff tomorrow night.

(Click for better view)

Tuesday, 30 May, 2006

Dirty Sanchez

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On Friday night, me and the missus went to see the lads from Dirty Sanchez in Kudos nightclub, part of the Fringe Festival of The Full Ponty.  Being huge fans of the show on MTV, we were well up for it.  Sadly, we came away disappointed.  Firstly, it was VERY tame compared with the show (left me wondering what were they told NOT to do?), just a lot of shouting, loud music and a few 'stunts' (fishhooks in the ears, Pancho getting walloped over the head with stuff, twanging Dainton's cock in a guitar, sticking drumsticks up their arse).

Pritchard and Dainton get hooked Joycie gets his balls out Dainton gets twanged Pritchard sparks Joycie
(Click for better view)

Another thing that got on my tits was the DJ kept saying they'd be on soon.  We were there at 8, they said they'd be on at 10pm…then half 10…then 11…then half 11.  They eventually strolled on in a blast of Motorhead at quarter to 12 and only stayed on for about 40mins.  Ah well, nevermind eh?

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