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Wednesday, 9 May, 2007

Guitar Hero II – digital crack

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I’m currently typing this post with one hand. No, not because I’m wanking to the latest Vivid Video pr0n…it’s because I’ve worn out the joints in my left hand thanks to the wonderous adictive qualities of Guitar Hero II.
I’ve seen and read about this game since the original Guitar Hero was released on the PS2 back in ’05 and it didn’t really interest me enough to play it. It was not until a few weeks back when I was looking for something other that Gears of War to play on my 360 that I decided to give Guitar Hero II a try. Last Monday I got my copy and ever since my hand a desended deeper into the realms of joint pain I’ve not experienced since the dawn of time. Every moment I’m not playing it I feel like a cocaine addict, counting down every minute until I get my next fix. I don’t know what it is about it, maybe it brings out the part of you that used to do air guitar in front of the mirror when listening to rock music or when you used to use your tennis racket and pretend your Richie Sambora. It’s also the satisfaction of nailing a riff that’s been bugging you for the last few hours. Whatever it is, it’s fucking quality and everyone who enjoys music should pick this up straight away.


By the way, if you do, I suggest visiting a site called Score Hero. It’s a fantastic site with tips and strategies for getting the best out of the game. It’s also got a service for you to input your scores.


As you can see, I’m doing quite well on ‘Easy’ ;), I’ve got ‘Gold’ (100% of notes hit) on all the songs in Career mode.


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