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Saturday, 7 April, 2007

D-I-Y Digital Picture Frame

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Just been putting finishing touches to my D-I-Y Digital Picture Frame. I was browsing around teh intarweb a few months ago and saw a webpage full of people who had made a Digital Picture Frame from an old laptop so I thought I give it a go. I had an old laptop lying around, nothing special…a Celeron 800 with 128MB of RAM, a 5GB Hard Drive and running Windows 98. Pretty usless for anything apart from surfing the web so I decided this would be a perfect candidate.


flash.jpg back.jpg front.jpg

First I had to find a suitable picture viewer and after a bit of searching, I settled with IrfanView which allowed me to customise the slideshow to what I wanted. The only drawback being there are no fancy wipes or fades between pictures.

Once I’d got the software working, I got down to dismantling the laptop. All unnecessary parts were discarded, the screen surround went along with the CDROM, Floppy Drive, Keyboard, Trackpad, Soundcard Battery and all of the case. All that was left was the LCD screen, System Board, the Power Board and the Hard Drive. I also added a PCMCIA Wireless Card so that I could remotely connect to the Picture Frame through VNC and add pictures to the frame over the network.

For the frame, I had a look around Ikea and some frame shops but I couldn’t find one suitable so I decided to get the screen framed professionally. My mates mother-in-law runs a framing stall in our market so I took it to her, cost me 30 quid but it was worth it.


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