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Monday, 12 March, 2007

The Karate Kid – paedophile’s bible?

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Growing up in the 80’s was a good time for classic movies, one of my favourites of the time is Karate Kid. I mainly remember it because it starred the first crush I remember having (no, not Ralph Macchio), the immensly gorgeous Elisabeth Shue. I almost wore out our video recorder watching the beach scene over and over with Elisabeth skipping towards the sea in her stripy blue binkini with her perfectly round buttocks on show.

I was watching this on Sky last night and was slightly disturbed by it. In the innocent times of the 80s when kids could roam free without the threat of dirty-old men rubbing their crotches, it was seen nothing more than a student/teacher movie. Now in grubby, disgusting 2007 where grown men can’t even glance in the direction of a young child, it has a slightly more sinister undertones.

The first scene that I noticed was when Daniel threw his bike in the rubbish and had a tantrum to his mother outside Mr. Myagi’s apartment. After all the comotion had died down and Daniel and his mother left, Mr. Myagi opened his door and had a sly grin on his face as if to say ‘Jackpot!’.

When they had started training and Daniel had to paint the fence, Mr. Myagi’s instructions: “It’s all in the wrist, long strokes. Up….down.” If I had been sitting on a chair I would have fallen off it.

During his training he took Daniel to the beach to ‘learn balance’ and to get a look at him undressed. There was a long shot of Daniel dressed just in shorts, then it cut to Mr. Myagi watching carefully. I’m sure he had a stiffy.

Surely these days an old man spending so much of his times with a young boy would be front page news, even more so if he showered him with gifts. I mean, giving him a classic yellow 1950s Chevrolet Convertible for his birthday? Surely a sign he wants to rape his ass good. He even fixed his bike for nowt and gave his mother a Bonsai Tree to get her on his side.

Coming next week: was Arnold Schwarzenegger really a woman?


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