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Saturday, 8 July, 2006

the pain!!!

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Finally had my tattoo done yesterday. I’ve been wanting one for years but I’ve never found something I really wanted until recently and I stumbled across the design while browsing through my CD’s a few weeks back:


The pic was taken a few hours after I’d had it done and was throbbing a bit (the treatment cream I bought calmed it down a bit). Some people had said having a tattoo hurts like buggery (although, as I’ve never had a cock up my rear passage, I can’t really comment), other say it doesn’t hurt. They’re all wrong, it’s a whole lot worse. I don’t think I could’ve been in more pain if the tattooist had tied me to the back of his car and dragged me along on my face. The outline was the worst bit, kind of felt like he was carving the shape with a cowboy spur covered in vinegar. Once that was over, the tattoo was ‘filled in’. For this process I thought he applied the ink with an orbital sander as the experience felt like a cross between burning and scraping.

Paying 65 quid for an hours worth of pain. I feel like a politician.


Monday, 3 July, 2006

Number 1

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Congratulations and all that stuff to Lostprophets with news that their album went straight into the charts at No. 1. At least my puchase of 2 copies helped 😀


Here’s when JK & Joel spoke to Ian: click

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