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Tuesday, 27 June, 2006

Lostprophets signing…..

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Not long got back from the signing in Cardiff. Nearly didn’t make it, stupid work made me go to Templecombe in Somerset then up to Gloucester. Thanks to my ‘increased’ speed (I don’t condone speeding in any way blah blah…) I managed to make good time. Called back home at about 2:50pm, got changed and made my way down to Cardiff. Got there about 3:25pm and there was already a crowd gathering outside, lounging about in the lovely afternoon sun. Felt a bit out of place when I got there, the queue was full of young teenagers in dodgy eye-makeup and B.O.

After baking in the sun for almost 2 hours, they finally opened the doors at 5pm. The queue by this time was massive. Having a chat to the security guy just before I went in, he mentioned there would be no photos allowed inside and if I did my camera would be taken from me and smashed up…(!) Something about them only wanting the press to take their photos.

Anyways, got my stuff signed (forgot FakeSoundOfProgress though) and had a bit of a talk with Ian and Jamie so I’m happy 🙂

bigposter.jpg biglib.jpg bigss.jpg
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