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Monday, 26 June, 2006


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Been eating healthily for about 3 weeks now and I haven’t lost any bloody weight! I actually got up off my arse and went to the gym all last week (bought a months pass, 30 quid!), did a bit of cardio on the running machines, bit of weights, 100 sit-ups a session….still 14st 7lbs 😡 Even went for 2 hours on Saturday morning, even though I felt like crap. Suffering for it now though, feels like I’ve pulled a muscle in my chest and back and my hamstrings feel very tight. Gonna lay of the gym until my body fully recovers….

Forgot to add, me and the missus went to TGI Fridays on Saturday for a spot of food and drink and saw Ian Watkins off of Lostprophets. I was really dying to go and have a bit of a chat with him but he was with his girlfriend (I think) so I didn’t want to hassle them. Takes my pathetic celeb-spotting tally up to 4:

Ian Watkins (Lostprophets) – (3 times) Once in the next street, once in the Spar by my house, once in TGI’s
Kelly Jones (Stereophonics) – Buying a TV in Currys near my house
Joe Calzhage (that boxer type) – Driving his Merc (No. plate – BOX 1M) down the A470
Richard Keys (Sky Sports) – Walking back to his car from Old Trafford

Talking of the Lostprophets, got the new album today Liberation Transmission. Been listening to it for a while thanks to teh intarweb (I don’t condone piracy in any way blah blah…) and it’s really grown on me and it’s my favourite album of the three.

Pre-ordered it originally from CDWOW but I then found out they’re doing a signing in Virgin on Tuesday. You needed to buy the album from 9am today to get a wristband to gain access to the signing so I left early and made my way into Cardiff to make sure I was there at 8am. As I was walking down the street I’d noticed they’d opened early(!) and my heart sank. I felt gutted but when I got to the tills I’d noticed they’d still had some left. Got a free poster too, gonna get that signed as well as my other 3 album covers. Post pics and stuff tomorrow night.

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