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Tuesday, 30 May, 2006

Dirty Sanchez

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On Friday night, me and the missus went to see the lads from Dirty Sanchez in Kudos nightclub, part of the Fringe Festival of The Full Ponty.  Being huge fans of the show on MTV, we were well up for it.  Sadly, we came away disappointed.  Firstly, it was VERY tame compared with the show (left me wondering what were they told NOT to do?), just a lot of shouting, loud music and a few 'stunts' (fishhooks in the ears, Pancho getting walloped over the head with stuff, twanging Dainton's cock in a guitar, sticking drumsticks up their arse).

Pritchard and Dainton get hooked Joycie gets his balls out Dainton gets twanged Pritchard sparks Joycie
(Click for better view)

Another thing that got on my tits was the DJ kept saying they'd be on soon.  We were there at 8, they said they'd be on at 10pm…then half 10…then 11…then half 11.  They eventually strolled on in a blast of Motorhead at quarter to 12 and only stayed on for about 40mins.  Ah well, nevermind eh?


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